CHS Class of 73

Lindsay Thompson
1955 - 2015

Do you know of those word association tests that psychologists can give you? You know, where the doctor says a word or phrase and you have to answer with the first word that comes to your mind?

Well, if I were to take that test, and the doctor would say LINDSAY THOMPSON, my answer would instantly be - - - MOTORCYCLES.

Lindsay had a deep passion for motorcycles ever since he was a kid. He lived at the end of the street from me on Pinchot Avenue. We would always see him riding his motorcycle going to where ever he was going at the moment.

I remember going with him to MOTORCYCLE CITY on Scottsdale Road, south of Thomas Road. Spent many a free evening and Saturday afternoon with him just looking at all the bikes and talking motorcycles with the employees there.

I can't recall a single memory of him driving a four wheeled vehicle.

He loved motorcycles and rock music. He was EASY RIDER before there was EASY RIDER. I believe his favorite group was ERIC CLAPTON and CREAM.

He was a great "air drummer" also, especially with the drum solo from IN-A-GADDA-DA-VIDA.

And he had a passion for MAD MAGAZINE.

But above all, I understand that he was a man of GOD. Lindsay probably earned his just rewards by getting the motorcycle of his dreams, and is now riding it on an infinite highway, know that its never gonna run out of gas.

I have a few good friends that have gone to Heaven before me. It's going to be great to see Lindsay and the rest of them when I get there.


Added: June 7, 2016
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In loving memory of my dear brother Lindsay. How I will miss our 4 hour coffee talks about everything under the sun.
I was so blessed to have you as my big brother, you took me every where you went, and never complained.
you would take me motor cycle riding, and taught me to ride.
Thank you for being such a kind gentle soul!
You were such a faithful servant of the Lord and you lead many lost souls to the Lord, you are in a far better place.
Love you always,
You're little Sister

Added: June 5, 2016
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