CHS Class of 73

R.I.P. Marc Terrill
1955 - 2014

Marc Terrill  :Marc Terrill

Marc Terrill passed away July 20, 2014 peacefully at home. Marc was very active on Facebook detailing his struggles with cancer.

For those wishing to attend services for Marc, they will be held:

Saturday, July 26, 2014
at 2:00 pm
at Horizons Community Church
14120 N. 79th Avenue
Peoria, AZ 85381
A reception will be held in his honor following the service.

For a Full obituary click the link.

You can also leave a memory of Marc on Marc's memorial page.

R.I.P. Coach Coppinger

Coach Roy Coppinger passed away on August 27, 2013. Many of you know he had been ill for quite some time. It was great that he was able to attend the 50th party two years ago. Blessings to Christy and the rest of his family.....

For those of you who would like to attend the services for Coach Roy Coppinger, they will be held:

Friday, September 6th
at 3:20 PM
(that was what was written even though it is an odd time)
First Christian Church
7405 E. McDonald Drive
Scottsdale, AZ

The Party is Over!

Hey Class of 73, John King here.

Wow! What a great group! It's too bad we only get together every five or ten years. It seems like 40 years went by pretty quickly; it's hard to imagine the wide-eyed and all-knowing teenagers we once were. (What would those kids think of us?)

Thanks to everyone who attended and made the CHS Class of 1973 - 40th reunion weekend a huge success. Special thanks to the reunion committee: Traecy Rasmussen Kimball, Bernie Hill Garcia, Al Garcia, Susan Randall Brown, and Nancy Kelley Star-Cassidy for a job well done (again!). The reunion committee was able to negotiate a bargain rate for the hotel, a deeply discounted price for the evening get-together and managed to keep cheerful while greeting alumni and directing activities.

We started on Friday afternoon with an informal pool party at the hotel. Followed by different groups enjoying cocktails at the Millennium's bar, some grouping for dinner and some heading down to Flicka's to round out the evening.

Saturday morning started with walks, runs, and bicycle rides followed by another informal pool party. Finally on Saturday afternoon the big event arrived; Coronado Dons went marching on to the tunes of Greg "Playing Music is My Business" James (husband of Debbie Gardner James); who donated his time! The food was great, the bar was mobbed, and we even had surprise appearances by the Village People and the Supremes (well, sort of....). Raffle prizes were amazing and the 50/50 drawing reached an amazing $400 with Dave Mize winning the $200 pot. The photo booth burst at the seams when the group from Tonalea tried to squeeze in; those and other pictures are on the Coronado High Class of 73 Facebook page and our Flikr account. Unsubstantiated rumors of a large group closing the hotel bar Saturday night abound!

Sunday morning (for some) saw breakfast meetings and a final get together at McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park; attendance was light, making us wonder just how many people were still recuperating from Saturday night!

Please head to the Coronado High Class of 73 Facebook page or the CHS Class of 73 Flickr page to check out the pictures; then, share your thoughts and photos.

Once again, thanks to Traecy, Bernie, Al, Susan, and Nancy and to their loving spouses who put some much effort into the reunion's success. Extra-special thanks to Traecy for managing this website and Facebook and Flickr pages. See you next time!

John King

Have a look around! There are still some pages under construction and a few bugs may still need to be worked out, so if you see something that is broken or not working properly please and be as specific as possible.

Thanks, "The Committee"

40th Reunion Is Over!

Thanks to Everyone who helped make the 40th Reunion one of the best.

As you can see from John's RECAP of the 40th Reunion weekend, seems everyone had a great time. Be sure to head over to the Coronado High Class of 73 Facebook page or the CHS Class of 73 Flickr account for pictures and comments. Or you could post something on the Guestbook to tell what you remember most about the event.

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